Sunken Spectre

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

– Jacques Cousteau

Sunken Spectre is a deep-sea adventure game with a light-hearted Saturday-morning cartoon vibe. It takes place in and around the Mediterranean Sea, from the many countries that touch it to its luxurious blue waves to the darkness deep below…

Players take control of captain Jac Moore as she guides the crew of the Spectre across the Mediterranean in a series of dives to explore the mysteries of the deep, from ghost ships to lost civilisations to mysterious sea creatures.

The Story

During the last moments of the find of a lifetime, the Spectre’s main competitor shows up, scuttles their boat and steals their haulings.

Jac will have to take on any job that comes her way to get the cash to rehire her crew, rebuild her boat and build a new network of contacts.

Only then will she be able to discover what blackmarket he plans to sell her treasure on, hunt him down and steal it back…

The game is early in development and will be launching on PC, X Box, Playstation and Switch in the future!

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