The Darkside Detective

Where darkness dwells and evil rents at extortionate rates.

The Darkside Detective is a multi-award winning comedy point-and-click adventure game, following Detective Francis McQueen as he tries to rights the wrongs of Twin Lakes city. Oh, so many wrongs.

The game follows in the footsteps of classic 80s and 90s games, but includes a number of innovations to update it for a modern audience. The most notable of these is the structure which follows a monster-of-the-week format presenting the player with a series of smaller stories rather than one longer one, making it perfect for time-poor players.

Season 1 launched with 6 cases on July 27th 2017. 3 new cases were added between then and July 27th 2018, the last case wrapping Season 1 and setting up the premise for Season 2, which was successfully kickstarted on 12th October.

Season 1 can be purchased and Season wishlisted over on Steam:

Alternatively other storefronts and more info on both seasons, can be found on the game’s dedicated website, facebook or twitter.